Hey Rachel! How does it feel to be coming out of the Cannabis closet after all these years? 

Eh… somewhat anticlimactic!  My friends and family have known for years and word has spread through the San Diego food community.  It was a poorly and haphazardly kept “secret”.

What prompted your decision to switch over to Cannabis edibles after being such a highly sought-out restaurant pastry chef? 

I was looking for a lifestyle change and a way to use my skills in a new way.  I love expanding my experience into different facets, so this was a great fit.

Do you bake at home? If so, what are some of your current family favorites?

I do bake a lot at home.  Quickbreads, cookies, fruit crumbles, and pies are my go-to.  Easy and delicious.

Name a movie that makes you cry:  

Sad movies really aren’t my thing.  But, if I have to: Beaches and The Notebook.  Yes, super cliché.  Crying because I am laughing so hard is more my MO.  My favorites are Superbad, Wedding Crashers, Uncle Buck, and Back to School.

Today is your last day on Earth, and money is no object; what are you eating? 

Oh man. This is a hard one.  All the things.  Brioche toast with jam and butter.  Bacon. Lots of delicious, ripe fruit.  A ton of cheese.  Oysters, aquachile, lobster.  Pasta with a spicy bolognese.  Chicken liver toast.  Steak tartare.  Some charred brocolli or green beans with some chile and lemon.  And finally, as many desserts as I could possibly eat.

How difficult has it been to adapt products and recipes to meet the always evolving (and very rigid) California regulatory testing requirements? 

We have adjusted with a lot of trial and error, as well as reliance on the experience of our staff.  It has been a wild ride of refining processes and continuing to perfect our methods.

Do you have a favorite Kaneh Co. product? 

I am truly proud of everything we make.  What I want to eat most varies day by day.  My OG favorite is the Best of Both Worlds.  My newer favorites are the Strawberry Rhubarb Jellies and Butter Toffee Almond Milk Chocoaltes.

When you’re looking to go out and buy something sweet in San Diego, where are some of your go-to spots? 

My favorite bakery is Azucar in OB.  I am obsessed with Somi Somi.  Ans Dry Cleaning is amazing.  Once or twice a year I will really want to indulge in an over the top piece of cake and will swing by Extraordinary Desserts for the La Bette Noire.  And Sidecar Doughnuts are the best.  I dream of them.

What’s one dessert or pastry that you’re absolutely not a fan of? 

I’m pretty much an equal opportunity dessert lover.  Generally, I am more concerned with the quality of the ingredients and if something is made properly.  Texture is huge.  I’m not super into peanut butter desserts like a lot of people are, but if that’s my only choice I’ll still have at it.  

Lastly, what’s next for Kaneh Co? Any new menu items or limited releases on the horizon? 

We will be doing out holiday items again this year.  We are looking into more confectionary items and definitely want to expand into producing savory items.